Wine & Pie Pairings – Chocolate Pecan Pie

By Snowbirds Vintners
chocolate pecan pie

Here’s a twist on a traditional fall favorite – the pecan pie. This version uses cane syrup, instead of corn syrup, and has the addition of chocolate, both on and in the pie.

Chocolate and red wine can pair quite well together, as a sweet pie calls for a wine that will complement, vs. clash for attention with more sweetness. The dark berry flavors in the wines are a nice contrast to the chocolate, and our 2013 Snowbirds Vintners Merlot from Monterey County is a particularly lush, soft vintage. Happy baking!

Chocolate Pecan Pie

The filling:

Cane Syrup Recipe
Yield: 1 cup syrup

Bring the water to boil, dissolving the sugar completely. Cool, add appropriate quantity to recipe, replacing 1:1 for corn syrup.